Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Andy and I are brimming with anticipation at the season premier of LOST tonight!!! Season six, and ready to uncover more of the truth! We are so looking forward to this last season of perhaps one of the best shows of all times. I can seriously say that it has been a great adventure following this show! I am hoping that they will continue to bring the loose ends together, as they have previously, and make it a satisfying ending for us all. I know that they have been planning for this season from the very beginning, and look forward to see what creative outcomes, and explanations await us this final season. The roller coaster is sure to be exciting! I know previously I have come away, jumping up and down and shouting "No Way!". If you don't believe me, then you can ask my husband, who has been present for these outbursts. Will it happen again tonight? Will I be happy with this last season of LOST? These questions will be answered very soon my friends...I wonder what the verdict will be??????

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