Monday, January 24, 2011

Grief Shared...

You know...loss, pain, and struggles are difficult; no one will challenge this. Culturally, I believe we as Americans struggle to accept loss. We don't know how to deal with it, we do not know how to grieve well.
This has carried over to our Christian community at times as well, however, and we have lost the art of grieving. In ancient times, they gave time, respect and care for those who grieved. Andy and I have personally been challenged with this at the present with precious friends who lost their twins before they had the chance to even be born. What is our role?
A while ago, I was moved by the Jewish custom of just sitting with someone, no saying anything in their grief. Being present. This moved me, because sometimes, there just are no words to say. There is nothing we can personally do, but pray and be there.
As I have seen friends gathering around, to love on those who have suffered loss, I can not help but be moved by the importance of community. By the love we can share with each other at such a time. God created us to not go through this life alone. When we neglect the importance of community, we reject the beauty and healing God provides. We are not made to live this life alone.

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