Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Give me Liberty...or give me death!-Patrick Henry

In a moving speech it is stated "...give me liberty, or give me death!". This quotation by Patrick Henry is a stirring and moving reminder of the importance of liberty, of freedom. It is so easy to give away our freedoms in return for comfort, the promise of better, however, it never really is. Christ came to set us free, and anything less is...well...less. Peace is nice, but not at the sake of our liberty. If our forefathers felt peace was more important, we never would have had the country that we do have.
There will always be those who will try and take away our liberty, and that is why it is essential to stay aware of the choices that lead to the relenquishing of our freedom. Whether spiritual or political, liberty is imperative. Let us not be lulled into the pit of apathy, where we shall surely loose our very selves.

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