Friday, January 29, 2010

Date night...

Ok, so Andy and I had so much fun at Chili's tonight for dinner!! Sometimes we tend to rush through dinner and off to the next thing...but not tonight. We ended up sitting in the bar area, because we saw the Winter X Games were on. If you have not seen them, then you are truly missing out. The snowmobile jumps were so cool, with, I might add, some pretty decent wipe outs. The ski jump areas were amazing as well!! Totally incredible. It is making me really excited to watch the Winter Olympics. If you do not know me well, then know this...I LOVE the Olympics! It could be summer or winter, I don't really care!! I just think it is great, and always interesting. Sorry for that side bar. Anyway, so Andy and I sat on the same side of our booth and just enjoyed watching the X games while enjoying, might I say, quite a bit of food. It was truly just a wonderful evening! I am so thankful for times like this to enjoy with my husband. Anyway, just my thoughts on tonight!! What a way to bring in the 32nd year of my life!! I am so grateful!


  1. Have you ever lived in an Olympic city while they are preparing?? I do right now and I have to say, its not a pretty sight. I have usually enjoyed the Olympics as well, and even have a friend who was an Olympic Athlete...but not this time...too much not good stuff is going down for me to be happy about the world descending on my city. Its sad. =(

  2. Yes, actually I lived in Atlanta when we had the Olympics come to town in 1996. Yep, that was crazy. I think I was spared some because it was kinda spread out around our state. I only ventured downtown once during the Olympics. Thankfully that was prior to the bombing. Anyway, it does get crazy, just wait until all the people start getting there. I am looking forward to it this year, and Vancourver is beautiful!!